Discover Your Soul Council Book
Directly Connect With Your Own Guides 24/7
Anne Marie Pizarro
Discover Your Soul Council Book

Discover Your Soul Council is different than other channeled texts.  The purpose of this book is to help you take action and gain confidence in communicating with your Guides. 

This books also carries a vibrational frequency that unlocks your psychic gifts as you read the text because this is what the Record Keepers’ intended.

When you start to work with your Soul Council, you’ll discover an ancient relationship that is built on trust, love and cultivating your evolution.  Your Soul Council are here to help you live your best life.  

This book helps anchor that sacred connection.

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  • Two Meditation Activations: Alta Major Chakra and the Merkaba Attunement to Open Your Portal of Connection
  • Downloadable companion Soul Council 90-day Online Channeling Journal PDF
  • Soul Council Worksheet
  • Plus Immediate Gift: How to Use Your Pendulum to Open Up Your Channel PDF Download
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“…I would like to thank you again for helping me have a breakthrough in connecting with my Soul Council. I have tried to connect with my council almost every day since the last days of August 2021. In that time til now, I have accumulated up to 70 pages of guidance, information, predictions, instructions on use of tools, crystals, portals, healing and spiritual beings.

I have been told of my life purpose in many details and who I am up in heaven and the many levels of hierarchy of how the spiritual world and the universe work. 

My soul council has even showed me how I could connect with God. Because he wanted to speak to me. Now that was an experience!!…”

Felix C. Jr.

Greetings Friend!

My name is Anne Marie Pizarro and I’m a retired nurse, Akashic Records Reader and Teacher, and Master Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) teacher. I own and operate Body Energy Connection, Akashic Records Session, and the Akashic Collective on Facebook.

I’ve been operating as a practitioner since 2007 and an entrepreneur since 2010. I’ve put in thousands of hours doing 1:1 sessions with clients for over 10 years and I love what I do. I’ve worked with some clients for over 10 years and have supported them in their life choices, business decisions, and relationship challenges. I’ve got clients on waiting lists for cancellations as well as for my 2022 schedule release. There’s a great global need for this type of service, and I am so incredibly grateful that Spirit asked me to do this work.

The Record Keepers reached out to me and asked me to channel this Discover Your Soul Council book to help my clients and the world connect to their most important guidance system – their Soul Council.  

The Record Keepers (or the RK’s, as I like to call them) shared that humankind is ready for this sacred connection and work because this helps them to evolve in their paths and live in alignment with their soul’s blueprint.  They felt it was time for people to meet their Guides in Light in order to recognize themselves as Light Beings having a human experience.

Bless Up!

Anne Marie Pizarro